CASA Ô 108 Rue Réaumur, 75002 Paris

Our favorite restaurant of the moment !

Garance Doré


Anahi is an institution likely to last over time. Located 49 Rue Volta, the restaurant is known by food lovers for decades. It used to be a butcher’s shop before becoming a more or less successful meat restaurant in the 80s. In April 2017, the restaurant gets a second wind with Riccardo Giraudi and his exceptional meats. To (re)discover asap!

They tried everything to enhance meat. Used earthenware, fresco and a ceiling decorated with animals that bring us back to the time when the butcher supplied the local inhabitants with the best meats around. Time has stopped, the will to serve remained untouched.

Adress : 49 rue Volta, 75003 Paris

Phone number : 01 83 81 38 00
Diner only : daily 7pm-11pm (11.30pm on weekends)

Closest subway : Arts et Métiers